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Georgiana Gherman 
Digital Artist

Flirty Pencil

Stop Motion Hand Drawing          Logo Illustrator                 

Project Development

The main purpose of a pencil is to write, but it can find its place in various situations.

My aim was to focus on this purpose to highlight the flexibility and versatility of writing. When I think about crafting a story around an object, I consider the emotions I want to convey and what my audience would appreciate.

The key concept of the video centers on turning an idea into action. The phrase "Make your move" captures the moment that transformed an ordinary pen into an engaging tool. This shift allows the pen to add excitement to one's social life, bringing in an element of intrigue.

The wind carrying away the note embodies emotions and hope. Using pink as the main color creates a playful vibe, and the addition of purple, known for its association with mystery, aligns with the story's tone and the feeling I want to create.
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