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Georgiana Gherman 
Digital Artist

Virgin Atlantic: Mile High Tea

box outside.jpg

Logo and Illustration Illustrator          Mock-up Photoshop          Packaging InDesign                 

Client: Virgin Atlantic

Our primary objective revolved around reimagining their in-flight food packaging. The challenge also involved seamlessly incorporating the 'street food' concept while maintaining a distinct separation.

Given their British identity, the retention of the high tea tradition remained crucial, albeit in a more inclusive manner. However, their vision appeared somewhat uncertain, leaving us with a touch of confusion. Nonetheless, the concept intrigued me, particularly the potential to explore diverse cultural influences through street foods, unveiling unique cultural tapestries.

Collaborating with my colleagues, we decided to delve into the essence of tea itself, tracing its origins and its cultural significance as a communal beverage. Our approach aimed to stay true to British roots while embracing inclusivity through a rich spectrum of teas from across the globe. The box's design came to life as we envisioned a table seamlessly enveloping the 'walls' of the packaging, creating a harmonious and continuous visual narrative. Diverse individuals from various cultures engaged in tea-sharing moments became the centerpiece, signifying cultural exchange.

Externally, the box echoed the ethos of sharing cultures. However, the interior was dedicated to tea exploration, spotlighting a variety of teas found worldwide through a tea map. Historical anecdotes about tea lent an educational and engaging dimension. We infused an element of lightheartedness with a bottom-of-the-box joke. A captivating interactive touch was introduced via a filter that unveiled the tea map, adding a layer of entertainment and interactivity.

In the end, our design sought to encapsulate the essence of sharing cultures and the global love for tea, creating an engaging and visually immersive experience for Virgin Atlantic passengers.
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