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Georgiana Gherman 
Digital Artist

UNTOLD: Life After Love Island | Channel 4 Documentaries


Elements Cinema 4D/Blender          Video Composition After Effects            

Balancing Youth's Brightness and the Shadow of Social Media Pressure
"Love Island: Untold" skillfully juxtaposes the vivacious and lighthearted facets of youth with the subtler, more intricate layers of social media's influence.

The design is a vibrant tapestry, where the cheerful and the contemplative coexist. It's complemented by an array of eye-catching icons that bring dynamism to the storytelling.

Within this visual world, a rich panorama unfolds, featuring a diverse range of statistics, captivating captions, real-time feeds, engaging social content, evocative imagery, curated magazines, and thought-provoking articles. This multifaceted approach offers a comprehensive view of modern youth culture.

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