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Georgiana Gherman 
Digital Artist

D&AD New Blood Awards 2021

Vector Elements/ Character Illustrator          Mock-up Photoshop          Animation/ Video Edit After Affects

Project Development

How young people would flirt post COVID?

Quarantine made people socially awkward and the social skills decreased.
Duolingo's collaboration with Hinge would help young adults to flirt in any language, embracing diversity and the cultures.

Wouldn't be amazing if you could flirt in more languages?

The challenge:
To use Duolingo as a main character without disturbing the
udience. Being aware that dating apps nowadays are
moreassociated with an one night stand and not as
a romantic interaction.
The solution was to approach a style that creates an

alter ego that picture Duolingo as a Wing-man that
helps you interact and flirt. Without any sexualisation
in rapport with the dating app.

The outcome:
A case study that points to a general issue and finds a
Digital visuals that describe the intentions of the
(emojis/ posters/ billboards)
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