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Georgiana Gherman 
Digital Artist

Vibe Check 

Training Pix2Pix          Visuals TouchDesigner          Song AI Conversion Holly+         

Project Development

Full Presentation + Video

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In this exciting collaboration, I envisioned the AI bringing my concept to life with a captivating audio/visual interpretation. We aimed for two outcomes that share common elements yet showcase different approaches, highlighting the contrast between Human and AI. (the first part of the project, for a better understanding please check the presentation)

To reimagine the audio, I utilized Holly+, an app that employs AI to transform sounds and instrumentals into mesmerizing processed voices. This blend of technology and creativity resulted in a unique auditory experience.

For the visual aspect, I crafted a music video that matches the song's colors and vibe. AI again played a key role, with the AI Art Machine generating visuals that echo the song's essence. This fusion of sight and sound created an immersive experience.

To ensure the harmony between visuals and music, I harnessed the power of Pix2Pix and TouchDesigner.

The outcome? A smooth transition between visuals, creating a mesmerizing dance in sync with the music.

Our collaboration beautifully merges human vision with AI capabilities. The audio/visual journey that unfolds is a testament to the magical synergy that happens when these two elements come together.


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