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Georgiana Gherman 
Digital Artist

Bite Grillz

Logo Illustrator          3D Motion/ 3D Elements Blender          Mock-up Photoshop          

 Art Direction and Visual Identity                 

Bite Grillz: Redefining Expression Through Edgy Fashion Style

Step into the world of Bite, where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary. Specializing in teeth jewelry and tooth gems, Bite ventures beyond conventions, boldly merging into the realm of fashion. Craftsmanship and creativity converge to curate personalized, handcrafted jewelry and bespoke clothing that speak to individuality.

As the Art Director of Bite, I spearhead a visual journey that marries metal aesthetics with Gen Z's distinctive allure. The visual identity is meticulously honed to exude modernity and edginess, seamlessly integrating with the brand's persona. Each element tells a story, each design captures a vibe - ensuring that Bite remains a magnetic force in the fashion scene.

At Bite, we redefine boundaries, going beyond just adornments for teeth. We offer a symphony of self-expression through handcrafted jewelry and clothing, each piece reflecting the client's unique vision. The personal touch is not just a feature; it's our hallmark.

The essence of Bite resonates in our creations - a blend of audacity and elegance. It's a statement, an emblem of individuality that transcends norms. From the striking tooth gems to the curated clothing line, we curate experiences that allow individuals to embrace their authentic selves.

Step into the world of Bite, where artistry meets innovation, where the boundaries of self-expression are pushed, and where style finds its voice. With me as the Art Director, the Bite visual identity thrives - a fusion of metal aesthetics and Gen Z's spirit, a true testament to the brand's identity and personality.

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